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I hope you find something you like as you browse through my website.  A lot of time and effort is put into each piece. I have always enjoyed working with my hands to create functional, decorative and unique items. I am always creating new items for my clients.   

All my woodworking items are handmade and hand turned. I make everything from pens, crochet hook sets, stitch rippers, measuring spoons, coffee scoops in wood or acrylic to larger items like bowls, salt and pepper grinders, cutting boards, pet items, decorative candle holders, tables and more. I also repurpose, recycle, and bring back to life worn out furniture. I happily accept special request orders. Some of my top sellers are military pens, crochet hook sets, stitch rippers and cutting boards.

It is incredibly rewarding for me to craft unique pieces that people can enjoy and cherish for a long time.

I hope you find something you like. Thank you for stopping by!